A Race to Zero: Net Zero Emission

Aug 3, 2022 | 0 comments

by Nurul Izyan Ismail

What is net zero emission?

Put simply, the term net-zero refers to no new additional emissions to the atmosphere. All man-made greenhouse gas emissions must be offset from the atmosphere. In addition, we are still required to fix our past harm such as the emission of greenhouse gasses from fossil fuels. We have to deal with all emissions that are already pumped into the atmosphere over the years. Therefore, net-zero emissions are targeted and implemented in many countries.

Why is net zero emission important?

Achieving net-zero emission is very important. Based on the scientific data, the atmosphere, ocean and land have warmed due to human activities. The drastic increase of carbon dioxide which combines with other greenhouse gasses from human activities leads to climate change. Rising temperatures and sea levels are some of the effects of climate change. If the emissions of greenhouse gasses are out of control, it will affect our planet. Hence, it is important to achieve net-zero emissions

Who is responsible for achieving net zero?

All of us are responsible for achieving net zero emissions, in terms of lifestyle changes which are more sustainable to reduce the harm to our planet. In addition, governments have to contribute together to achieve net-zero emissions. In Malaysia, some initiatives have been done by the government to deal with the issue such as the establishment of The National Steering Committee on Climate Change (NSCCC) by the Malaysian cabinet. NSCCC is responsible for the formulation and implementation of climate change policies including GHG emissions mitigation and adaptation measures to climate change. In addition, the community should also do their part to support and contribute by enhancing their knowledge about the environment and practicing environmentally friendly habits in daily lives.

How can we achieve net zero emissions?

Major changes are required to achieve net-zero emissions. Several solutions can be done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve net-zero emissions including:

Practicing environmentally friendly habits

For example, reduce the usage of electricity, use water sparingly or opt for public transportation whenever possible when traveling to your destination.

Use of more clean energy and efficient technologies

By using efficient technologies, energy use can be reduced. Hence, emissions will be reduced significantly. New buildings and appliances should meet strict energy efficiency goals such as changing and purchasing an energy-efficient product. Thus, the energy and emissions of greenhouse gasses can be reduced

Planting trees

Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere can be absorbed by trees. One ton of carbon dioxide can be absorbed by one tree in the whole of its lifetime. Therefore, we should plant our trees together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Drive less

Taking public transport such as MRT or LRT is one of the initiatives that we can practice in our daily lives. Besides this, carpooling can also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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