Conserve Water for The future

Aug 7, 2022 | 0 comments

By Nurul Izyan Ismail

Did you know that our Earth’s surface is covered with 70% of water? However, it is not entirely beneficial to humans. Oceans that are covered with 97% of saltwater is undrinkable. 3% of water is fresh water but only 0.5% is drinkable. Another 2.5% of fresh water is trapped in glaciers, ice caps, or under the surface of the Earth. In Malaysia, 97% of the water supply is from the rivers and streams. Sadly, Malaysia is on its way to rapidly deplete its valuable and vital water resources due to the pollution from growing urbanization. Therefore, it is vital to conserve water resources.

Definition of water conservation

Water conservation is a method or practice that is aimed to reduce and use water efficiently. Hence, the unnecessary usage of water will be decreased. Due to the limited source of freshwater, the conservation of water becomes more vital to ensure sufficient freshwater for a healthy lifestyle.



Importance of water conservation

Water is life and thus it is important to conserve water. Humans need water to survive. Without an adequate amount of water, humans will die in just a few days. Furthermore, not only humans but animals and plants need water too. Plants need water to grow and animals need water for internal cell respiration processes. Hence, conservation of water should be emphasized.


Benefits of conserving water

  • Saves money. The less water you use, the less you will be charged for your bills.
  • Reduce effect of water shortage. The rapid growth in population and industry may affect water supply due to increasing fresh water demand.
  • Reduce energy used. By reducing the usage of water, the energy needed to process and deliver it to specific locations is also reduced. In succession, fuel resources will be conserved and thus reduces the probability of pollution.
  • Environmental preservation. Energy and chemical are needed in the heating and pumping process. When the usage of water reduces, the fuel caused by burning the fuel and chemically treating the water can be conserved.


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