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In this webinar, a variety of natural ways of contributing towards a more sustainable environmental impact management are shared with the audience, including natural methods of managing environmental impacts, including the role of biological remediation for pollution control, organic farming, natural means of coastal management, and sustainable resource use.

The speaker, Ms Norfaizah Zainal Ariffin, a freelance Green Practice Advisor (Hospitality & Ecotourism) and former Resort Assistant Environment Manager, Langkawi, also spent some minutes sharing some practical tips which can be practised at home.

The Nature For Nature: Exploring Sustainable Environmental Impact management
Speaker: Ms. Norfaizah Zainal Abidin

Freelance Green Practice Advisor

Moderator: Nadia Zaifulizan

GRI Certified Sustainability Professional

Duration: 1 hour 15 minute

GRI Certified Sustainability Professional

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