ISI-SDG Analytic Tool

ISI-SDG Analytics Tool (IAT)

The ISI-SDG Analytics Tool (IAT) is a systematic assessment database that helps organizations or businesses assess their overall sustainability performance. Utilizing the IAT, the organization’s sustainability performance through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) can be determined while obtaining a deeper insight into the weaknesses and strengths of the organization in relation to the SDGs. With this insight, efforts can be realigned to introduce improvements to the critical areas
that require attention.

Sustainability Performance Assessment with the ISI-SDG Analytics Tool (IAT)

At Institut Sultan Iskandar (ISI), our consultants assess specific organizations’ sustainability performance using the ISI-SDG Analytics Tool (IAT) and provide guidance throughout the entire process. Outcome from the Sustainability Performance Assessment will be communicated to the organization representatives together with possible recommendations for improvements and a comprehensive report will be provided as a reference.

• Gain insight of your organization’s sustainability performance
• Gain insight on your organization’s contribution to the SDGs
• Gain insight on the possible risks and impacts from your organization in terms of the SDGs
• Gain insight of your organization’s strength and weaknesses in terms of the SDGs
• Provide a more detailed focus area for the basis of your organization’s sustainability improvement

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If your organization is interested in obtaining a comprehensive Sustainability Performance Assessment, we invite you to get in touch with us at info@susdep.com for further enquiries, or to book a session for further discussion and consultation. We look forward to hearing more from organizations across the country in the efforts towards sustainability improvements.