This 2-day Workshop is designed for Social Impact Assessment (SIA) practitioners to provide guidance and understanding to carrying out impact assessment for developmental projects. Applying the latest approaches and methods outlined in the PPSIA (2023), the workshop is intended to guide to conduct and preparing SIA reports based on best practices.

The workshop will emphasise on interactive learning using close facilitator-participant interactions such as case studies, group activities, presentations and discussions. These sessions are designed to enable participants gain valuable hands-on experience as SIA professionals

Who Should Attend?

  • Town Planner

  • Local Authorities

  • Properties

  • Developers

Course Objectives

  • Familiarising participants with the concept and fundamentals of SIA

  • Introducing the types of development Projects requiring SIA as stipulated by legislations and administrative procedures

  • Demonstrate the basics of preparing SIA reports in accordance with guidelines set by JPBD

  • Exposing case studies as learning tools to gain knowledge about actual SIA undertakings

Expected Outcome

  • Gain in-depth knowledge and understanding on the concept, fundamentals and application of SIA as a planning tool for development projects

  • Develop ability and skill to undertake SIA consultancies

  • Foundation for participants to pursue more advanced courses in SIA

Course Facilitator

TPr Dr. Gobi Krishna Sinniah

  • Expert Panel Social Impact Assessment
  • Seasoned Registered Social Impact
    Evaluator and Consultant at PLANMalaysia Federal & State (Dept. of Town and Country Planning)
  • Senior Lecturer Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Course Contents

  • What is PPSIA 2023?

  • Preparation of new in SIA Report: Screening

  • Scoping (Issues, Stakeholders, ZOI)

  • Data Collection and Analysis

  • Refining Project Options

  • Identification, Prediction and Evaluation of Impacts

  • Mitigation Measures

  • SIMP

  • Case Studies

  • Sharing of Experiences of SIA Panel Members

Date and Venue

  • 30-31 July 2024

  • Le Grandeur Palm Resort, Johor

Registration Fee

  • Early Bird: RM750

  • Normal fee: RM800