About Us

Program Background

Although the term Sustainable Development was defined several decades ago (Brundtland 1987), there were many perspectives surrounding its usage and application which leaned towards a single-track view since then. The perspective that Sustainable Development is more of an environmental movement above everything else has become a commonly accepted narrative. This perspective also implied that performing well in the sustainability sector is an additional bonus in terms of environmental capabilities.

Eventually in 2015, the United Nations in its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development outlined the 5 major themes which are People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership, encompassed by the 17 Global Goals. Through this framework, the major aspects of not only environment but also social and economy were brought together to form a synergistic and more holistic perspective in the progress towards Sustainable Development. True to its form, sustainable development and sustainability efforts will not be effective without consideration of all the contributing factors: the impacts on the planet, stakeholders’ social needs and wellbeing, as well as economic growth and livelihoods. Consideration of all the factors equally helps in enabling a more realistic and effective sustainability performance rather than emphasizing one at the expense of another.

The ISI Sustainable Development Program (SDP) is ISI’s approach to ensure a comprehensive understanding of Sustainable Development through contents that include aspects of Environment, Social, and Economy while also exploring considerations of how one aspect could affect another. The ISI SDP focuses on raising awareness, sharing knowledge that contributes towards capacity building, and providing a standard towards encouraging systematic changes towards achieving Sustainable Development.

The Organizer

Institut Sultan Iskandar (ISI) is an independent non-profit company which specializes in project planning and development, project management, research and capacity-building programs in the area of built environment and sustainable development. 

ISI has taken on various multi-disciplinary projects and studies in the areas of urban design and planning, architecture, green buildings and facilities, energy conservation systems, landscape, as well as social and environmental needs in the context of sustainable development. With the vision of ‘Stewarding Excellence in Innovative Sustainable Built Environment’, and the mission of providing expertise and services in the realm of sustainable urban habitat, ISI constantly strives towards being at the forefront of knowledge contribution and practical applications in planning, architecture, and sustainability.

Organization Structure

ISI-SDP Organization Structure